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All aquatic programs are held at the West Shore Natatorium located next to Red Land High School on Fishing Creek Road in Fairview Township.l

The Summer Learn-to-Swim progressive program is offered for youth 5 to 15 years. Swimmers begin at Level 1 and gradually work their way to Level 6. Emphasis is placed on being comfortable in the water, basic strokes, and personal safety. All classes meet at West Shore Natatorium.

2017 Program Information
Students must successfully complete a level before enrolling in the next higher level. Students will receive a wallet-size certificate as proof of proficiency.
In order to fully master the new skills learned, it is recommended that a child be enrolled in only one level for the summer.
Those who wish to enroll a student in the same level for a second session may not sign up until the first session has ended.
Instructors: American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors.

American Red Cross Learn to Swim Level Descriptions (click on the Level for more information)
Level 1 Introduction to Water Skills: Includes floating, kicking, and arm action.
Level 2 Fundamental Aquatic Skills:
Expand on fundamental aquatic locomotion including combined strokes on front and back and rhythmic breathing.
Level 3 - Stroke Development:
Increase swimming skills including elementary backstroke and deep water skills.
Level 4 - Stroke Improvement: Develop confidence and competency beyond proceeding levels, including breaststroke, sidestroke, and diving.
evel 5 - Stroke Refinement: Coordinate and refine key strokes; Introduce the butterfly stroke, open turns, and a feet-first surface dive.
Level 6 Swimming and Skill Proficiency: Polish strokes to swim with more ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances.
American Red Cross information


Session I

June 20 22 (Tue, Wed, Thu) and June 27 29 (Tue, Wed, Thu)
            9:00-9:45 am       Levels 1 or 2
            9:50-10:35 am     Levels 1 or 2
           10:40-11:25 am    Levels 3 or 4
           11:30-12:15 am    Levels 5 or 6

Session II

July 11 13 (Tue, Wed, Thu) and July 18 20 (Tue, Wed, Thu)
            9:00-9:45 am       Levels 1 or 2
            9:50-10:35 am     Levels 1 or 3
            10:40-11:25 am   Level 2
            11:30-12:15 am   Level 3 or 4

Session III

July 25 27 (Tue, Wed, Thu) and August 1 3 (Tue, Wed, Thu)
            9:00-9:45 am       Level 4
            9:50-10:35 am     Level 3, 5 or 6
            10:40-11:25 am   Level 1
            11:30-12:15 am   Level 2

Cost:  $49;  discounted resident rate: $39

Registration for residents begins May 2nd
Pre-registration is required. Register by mail, phone* or in person* at the Rec office.  Or, use the fill-in form for Learn to Swim if mailing. Please clearly indicate the desired session number, time and level!   (* - best ways to register.)

Online Tools:  Although online registration is not available for Summer Learn to Swim, you may view the number of openings in each level in ActiveNet.

- Scholarship Available

Millard Freysinger Memorial Youth Scholarship Program: Contributions made to the Millard Freysinger Memorial fund provide financial scholarships for selected recreation activities for students* who fall under one or more of the following criteria:  1.) eligible for the free/reduced price school lunch program, 2.) recommendation from the school counselor, 3.) students parent is an active duty member of the military. A copy of the lunch program letter from WSSD must be included with the registration form. School counselor recommendation letters can be sent directly to our office for review. Military IDs can be brought to our office for review before program registration. Scholarships are one-half the resident cost and are indicated with a symbol. All information will be kept completely confidential.

* - who reside in a participating community

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